Think, Capture & Quantify

Think, Capture & Quantify

Thou Shall Not .... Let The World Mourn For Gaza 

Let the black man, the brown, the white, the yellow and all other colours we can not describe mourn for the families and the ones that lost their life in a day when on the other side, just stone throw away were celebrating.

They made their speeches, one was shot, they clapped another one, and another and another. Peace evaporating second by second. We all saw and heard the newsreel.

What's next is the further crashing of hope temporarily and then some kind of retaliation by this group or that group. If not directly indirectly. That is the nature of this conflict. No one really sits around and waits. The support from this administration of this US govt. has been unwavering to the Israeli govt. In the meantime the shortsightedness will lead to more bloodshed. How they can not see that is anyone's question but in reality they know they are going to face more conflict in the middle east. 

In one breath they are condemning terrorist and in the other, they are themselves stoking it. One might say it is the nature of the beast. But peace is all they are after so is everyone. 

The other apparent and not so apparent in time of these events is that, the leaders are at home under one scandal or another and one might wonder this is done to cover their own short coming in politics.

One results is one death waiting for another to occur. The children and babies that died that day did not have a chance to live out their lives and for that the whole world should be asking, is this the kind of new world that we are wanting to live in? It might seem like the new world, but it sure looks and sounds like the old world, the 20th century replaying again. 

That is another reason for reawakening of the conscious minds of every individual across the globe.

The New Wine & In A Old Skin 

What was and became history no one can change. What became because of change remains even though it is not accepted by everyone. That's not the whole entire thing. I am talking about both spiritual, political and social change. It is. I see intentions in all directions and they are all good. But some people haven't heeded to the message. It is this and that is it. It is that and this is it.

Taken forward the world but then pulled back because we do not know what is going to happen. It is the story of so many people. Those who want change take it and those who do not want have a choice to be the way they are. These are things of life I have seen over and over again. 

In a nutshell, Some individuals in office have decided to go backwards, some to stand still but the streets are quick to know. Those with spirituality and righteousness will always prevail and those we follow till we become one. The rest is temporary.

It's Just That! 

Some of you young people will get to travel. Some out of your town and villages. Others from cities to villages then out of the state or county. Some will go to another country, or maybe a continent or two away.

When one says it, it sounds amazing. It is and is not. The fact is where ever one goes, it is your mind ultimately that will tell you what to say and how you say it. 

From my travels and actually living in four different countries and 3 continents, It is best you go as you are. Be yourself. Do what you do and say what to say. Your morality is yours. It is yours to increase or decrease. The gauge is different depending on variety of things. 

As I said earlier, your mind is capable if you let it. But one thing is for sure, There is still 1 love. Bob Marley said it years ago and I second it. I agree, I concur. 

We are all the same but different. We stay united through love. Like Picasso said, 'if there was nothing in this world but this door, I would love the door.' Something to that effect. It brings you to yourself and takes you to others. It makes you happy. It saddens you. It encourages you. It lifts you Up. More importantly, it makes you HUMAN!

The Forgotten War 

It tends to happen again because that's what makes it so. I am talking about chemical weapons used in douma, syria. The forgotten war. It has been 7 years now and it hasn't stopped. Casualties are estimated, the full scare war is on a daily basis. The reports are scattered because there is so much happening in the world, attention is the most valuable product. I wonder what catastrophe is happening that we can't write about, see in the news because political strategies. 

For Young people, these are days where eyes might open on the workings of this universe. Syria is a place of devastation and we are all numbed by the pictures and need fresh eyes and ears to elaborate fully the goings on there. Ce La Vie is not the attitude to have. These are at the end of the day or at the beginning our fellow human beings who have been tortured by the regime who is hanging on to power, death is a norm and the children of Syria are disappearing before they have taken one fresh air, for the lungs and the mind. 

Iraq gave way to Syria, Syria to Yemen and North Africa, countries like Libya are no mans land. War lords and factions are undermining the central govt. daily. War spreads like virus as it did in the first and second world war. This one is about religion and sects. No one will take the fire out, it seems. 

There Is Always One or .. 

Thoughts and constantly at any given moments, they are annointed and seldomly wrong. Because Our creator sends his spirit to communicate with us. Anyone receiving anywhere? Ok for goodness sake he says. Few bend their ears, the rest are preoccupied, they have plans or are planning to have one. God knows all of them he has heard it before. 
What I recieved tonight is where ever there is oppresssion, war, some kind of evil or be it conflict, God raises one or two people to counter that is what is happening. Where ever these things take place and time. The time it is recieved and obeyed and acted upon with faith depends on the person or persons who God has confided upon. God is the coolest being that has ever and will live forever and ever. Look I he spoke to Samuel, Joseph, Mary and all these human beings that have turned to saints.  
I fastwarded to modern times and we see in Africa in each countries who rised to defeat colonialism which simply was wrong. It is wrong because God Says it is. That is not how he created this wonderful place called Earth. Where ever it is not wonderful, it is because certain individuals or groups of people have countered God's plan, or his creation for their own gain. It is incredible how he does it. Each continets we see Giants who come from humble background and all they have to do was obey his calling. Everywhere, Europe, Americas, Asia, There hasn't been a place God does not exist. Human beings sometimes lose hope and speak with hopelessness and do affect others who do not have enough faith. Let it be told. That voice is clearly of the holy spirit. It is not condesending, it soft, it doesn't lie and it is more intelligent that the most intelligent spy or decoder in the world. They can't hear that voice. They hear the voice of those who recieved the voice, the calling.  
Let us not lose hope in Syria, for example, let us not lose hope in north korea, let us not lose hope in mosow, let us not lose hope in congo or anywhere else where evil thrives or is planning to thrive. Can anyone hear that voice right about know. It is for the very person to know and obey. Follow. 
As the x generation age in the 21st century, the youth of today then must pay attention to the issues and causes that need to be paid attention to. Not only that, who is this special individual in a continent or country, a city or a village who will rise to as in the past be a beacon of light. First one has to plug himself to the greater.

What Now? Now What? 

Extraordinary at the age out of need, urgent need for to stop gun violence, Save lives, real lives, real danger in the what is supposed to be the safest place to be outside of home while growing up. Can I get an Amen there? It'd have to be a world wide nod yes.

As I followed the lives of these giant individuals from Parkland high and those who were victimised but escaped death, the parents and friends of those who lost their lives in the shootings, let's say since columbine. Horror strikes & continually. 

I heard fox news tried to belittle couple of these heroes, modern heroes. What got me is they did it to entertain their audience, that is what fox news is and they employ such people. The young responded by articulating facts and after a reprimand, life goes on again. Where do they go now?

Fear doesn't vacate one's mind and heart after seeing and experiencing horrible event. 

It struck me when I saw a front page news. Two items there. The article divided the students by race based on what goes on day in and day out. The African American students asked, do you have go back after being valiant in front of millions of people, with their hands up. Both from fear of being executed and having to cope with a trigger happy teacher or security personnel in the schools if the law passes for the teachers to carry guns. Hello I said.  The 'White' students had displayed some fear but not as much as the 'Black' students. 

This thing leaves bad taste in my mouth as the recycled 'cold war.' Should call it the 'Freezing War' this time at least give it a new name. If there is that kind of war again, hopefully not, give it a new name. 

The World Should Be Proud! 

Have you watched the news lately or the last decade, there is all kinds of disaster. All kinds of mayhem and destruction. The world has reached boiling point and most of the time, confusion sets in. I or we just do not know what to do. I will say it for you.

But today March 24, 2018 I witnessed the strength of the youth. It is awesome and it is a show stopper. This is what we normally see in the Theatre days of school, school talent shows, and programs where youth perform in front of teachers and their own parents. This was in sight of the whole world. I find it extraordinary and can anyone say, that questions didn't arise in their mind. 'Why didn't we do it in in our lifetime. The answer is simple the consciousness is higher because of the flow of information. They are lucky to have been born this century. But Violence is as extraordinary as their conscious. It is. Too much violence in front of their eyes. They have risen to the challenge and not only that they are awake, they are asking the elders and leaders to be awake or else. That is power. 

Youth United is a vision I saw in 2007. I wrote things I wanted to achieve in my life in a diary. I carried it around Every where I went. 

One day I took my wallet out to pay for grocery along the diary, placed the diary on the counter and forgot it there. Although I lost the diary each of my dreams and visions are alive and one by one I tick done to  things accomplished and be mindful of what else I need to do. 

Youth United, your turn has arrived.