After leaving his birth country Ethiopia at tender age of 12, Nat lived, studied and worked in the United States but only after a brief stay in Kenya. He then crossed the Atlantic ocean once gain, this time to England where he lives now.

“It was at age of 8 he realised ‘Music Sits In My Soul’, as he states concisely. At this time I started playing piano, organ, guitar.”

Nat Berhanu was in a high school band then in college where he continued brushing up his skills. Often in talent shows held at the two respective colleges he attended; winning two years in a row at one point.

Listening to all kinds of music added to diversifying his sound.

Even though he left music as in playing and making music, “Music never left me.” Nat narrates. Picking it up again seriously in 2011. After recording over hundreds of songs in Keyboard, Nat switched his attention to Electronica Music in 2016. The rest is a phenomenal history being written as we speak.

The ‘King Of Electronica’ has arrived, Ladies & Gentlemen.

His music can be found in all digital stores and streaming services. Here is one of the many links .

The Long Awaited Album #TheTrilogyAlbum Is Due To Be Released Nov. 2018

The Long Awaited Album #TheTrilogyAlbum Is Due To Be Released Nov. 2018

'Still 1 Love' 
On ITunes

'Still 1 Love' On ITunes