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The Campaign on Facebook has ended and since the total $50.000 hasn't been raised, and since facebook

has time limit, I am continuing the campaign on this website.

At This time, I'd like to thank FB for collecting and sending the amount to the nominated charity.

But the total amount promised must be collected and forwarded to this great organisation, 'Salvation Army'



Nat Berhanu

Grow a beard the homeless

I thought about creating this page back when was in operation. Then few months later I saw Prince Harry sport a beard and other artists and actors. After stopped it's operation, I gave a thought in creating a website and asking for donation for those who decided to grow a beard. A year, 2 or more or less. I carried the idea but did not action it. Well now I have.

It started in Chicago illinois. A harsh cold winter in 1995. I was passing through union station after travelling around the country and heading back to Kankakee County Illinois. About an hour south of Chicago. One night while I was smoking outside the station before catching the train, I saw boxes and boxes by an entrance of a building and I saw a movement under it. I saw a bearded heavy set man laying there. It had to be -20F or even more colder. I could not for a life of me imagine it. Even though I was starring right at the man. Few weeks later I saw more. I came over to England and I saw the same thing. In Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and London. The town I live in have done a good job tackling this problem I must say. I believe a Rev. that I knew and baptised me done much to resolve this horrible and harsh problem. 

Therefore I am asking anyone who has a beard, growing a beard or planning to have a beard donate $1 or £1 or 1Euro or 1 Yen, 1Birr and so on and so forth. I would liaise with shelters and organisation and donate all of the donations. It is simple. Donate and I will pass the donation to homeless shelters or org.

Thank You

Nat Berhanu