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Grow a beard the homeless

I thought about creating this page back when was in operation. Then few months later I saw Prince Harry sport a beard and other artists and actors. After stopped it's operation, I gave a thought in creating a website and asking for donation for those who decided to grow a beard. A year, 2 or more or less. I carried the idea but did not action it. Well now I have.

It started in Chicago illinois. A harsh cold winter in 1995. I was passing through union station after travelling around the country and heading back to Kankakee County Illinois. About an hour south of Chicago. One night while I was smoking outside the station before catching the train, I saw boxes and boxes by an entrance of a building and I saw a movement under it. I saw a bearded heavy set man laying there. It had to be -20F or even more colder. I could not for a life of me imagine it. Even though I was starring right at the man. Few weeks later I saw more. I came over to England and I saw the same thing. In Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and London. The town I live in have done a good job tackling this problem I must say. I believe a Rev. that I knew and baptised me done much to resolve this horrible and harsh problem. 

Therefore I am asking anyone who has a beard, growing a beard or planning to have a beard donate $1 or £1 or 1Euro or 1 Yen, 1Birr and so on and so forth. I would liaise with shelters and organisation and donate all of the donations. It is simple. Donate and I will pass the donation to homeless shelters or org.

I would appreciate then if you can post your bearded face and post it on a facebook page I have created. The link is

Thank You

Nat Berhanu